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Unleash the untapped power of email address intelligence

Email is an integral part of our personal and professional lives. We use it to create and log into online accounts, subscribe to new content, communicate across digital platforms and verify our identity. It’s the key to our digital footprint. But did you know that the intelligence surrounding the simple email address has the potential...Read More

Google rolls out automatically created assets to all advertisers

Google has rolled out automatically created assets (ACA) for general availability. The search engine has also expanded the feature to seven new languages: Dutch French German Italian Japanese Portuguese Spanish Previously, ACAs were only available for advertisers running campaigns in English in open beta. What are automatically created assets? Automatically created assets is a campaign-level...Read More

YouTube’s crackdown on ad blockers intensifies

YouTube appears to be ramping up its efforts to crackdown on ad blocks The platform has reportedly been sending users with ad blockers enabled more aggressive prompts, warning them to either “Allow YouTube ads” or subscribe to YouTube Premium. The notification appears in place of videos or as a pop-up when playing videos on fullscreen....Read More

Meta Verified is rolled out to brands on Instagram and Facebook

Meta Verified is being rolled out to businesses on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.  Mark Zuckerberg announced that testing will begin in select counties on Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks, with WhatsApp trials planned at a later date. What is Meta Verified? Meta Verified is a monthly subscription package designed to help creators and...Read More

How to follow Google Business Profile guidelines

Whether you’ve had your Google Business Profile (GBP) for 10 years or you have a new business and are just getting ready to claim your Business Profile, it’s important that you carefully read – and understand – Google’s guidelines.  If you don’t, your GBP listing will likely get suspended. A suspension means that your Business...Read More

Google launches new report that flags checkout issues

Google has launched a new report to help brands identify checkout problems. The Checkout Journey report displays the count and percentage of users who initiated checkout on your e-commerce site or app and successfully and then completed each subsequent step in the checkout process. This report uses a closed funnel approach, focusing solely on users...Read More

Microsoft Advertising launches new video ad product

Microsoft Advertising has launched a new video ad offering called Video and Connected TV (CTV) ads. You can use this feature to create online video and CTV ad campaigns right within the Microsoft Advertising platform. The new product offers “a special reach across large-scale properties” to help ensure your ad is served to your target...Read More

How to create an SEO content plan with Google Sheets functions

SEO involves constantly creating and optimizing content for your website. Achieving more traffic and better organic rankings means you’ll need a content strategy. Google Sheets functions make it easy to turn your keyword research and site performance data into a list of content to be created or updated. Turn keywords into URLs with LOWER and...Read More