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The Moldovan Small Wine Producers Association is a non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit public association, established by the free manifestation of the will of the associated persons, in order to jointly achieve the goals determined by its status.

The name and course of the Association began in 2010, when small winemakers did not have the opportunity and legal conditions to reach and manifest themselves on the broad consumer market. Thus, a group of Bachus' descendants, brave and full of enthusiasm, devised a plan to conquer the Moldovan land and the distant shores of overseas and oceans. This is how the Moldovan Small Wine Producers Association appeared, destined to make a revolution on the wine market in Moldova and beyond.

The association has contributed not only to the legal way of manifestation, but also to a common, stronger, more united voice, which will respond to the needs of small wine producers to be heard and to assert themselves. The association managed to revolutionize not only the world of small wineries, but also of all the big titans. Due to the revision of the law on vine and wine, in which they have identified pieces that can be improved and that would contribute to a considerable development and evolution of all winemakers. A small step for small wineries, a big step for the Moldovan wine market.

The history of small wine producers, however, dates back to the early 2000s, when the first small winemakers appeared, a term completely unknown to Moldova at that time. What does a small wine producer mean a producer of wines in limited editions, of high quality, produces wines with personality, character, originality and authenticity, philosophy and a personal approach for each wine. These were exclusive wines, which differed by multiple experiments and manufacture. At that time, however, the legal framework did not allow the production and bottling of wines other than industrial ones. This barrier led to the creation of an Association to support small winemakers. The main purposes of the Association were: representation of group interests; service delivery; facilitating the economic integration of winemakers; the intermediation of the relationship between winemakers and authorities, something not simple at all and quite difficult for wineries where the teams are very small and the work overwhelms you; sustainable development of wineries, based on performance principles and by increasing the individual chances of the members of the Association. The latter goal, being the long-term goal of the Association, which aims the continuous support of each member; guiding them in identifying resources and development potential, through counseling activities, informing campaigns, implementation and mentoring support, assistance and support programs. Equally important is education of the public, who needs to understand the difference between small wine producers and other wineries - namely manual labor, exclusivity and the time spent, which means that a bottle of wine from a small winemaker would be more expensive, justly, than an industrial wine bottle, produced in larger and more frequent quantities.

The Moldovan Small Wine Producers Association makes a joint promotion of all its members in various national and international exhibitions, tastings, forums, vernissages, study visits, festivals and others. In addition to promotion, the Association contributes with the expertise of laws, promoting change, mentoring and support for wineries, by providing production equipment, promoting and developing of wine tourism, developing the notion of terroir, developing rural areas, creating jobs and much more.

In the future, the Association wants to obtain a legal status on all administrative and legal dimensions, so that the activity of each member is comfortable and profitable, not only based on continuous enthusiasm. We want to create quality criteria and encourage other small producers to become members of this family.

We also have high expectations from our consumers. We want to mention that in recent years, the local consumer has matured considerably. They are the ones who encourage us to increase the quality, to experiment, to create individual wines, unique and as original and even funny as possible.

Being an agrarian country, with millennial traditions of winemaking, wine must truly become a national symbol of the country, a pride that we carry with us everywhere. These things will be possible only with the involvement of everyone, both small and large winemakers, but especially that of the consumers.

“Our role is extremely complicated. To start a small business, we are subject to the same rules as large wineries with industrial production facilities, while access to special financing is virtually impossible. However, since 2016, we have started a quality and mentoring Program, benefiting 29 small grape and wine producers. Beneficiaries accessed grants for the minimum necessary equipment and machinery, and 16 farmers who were producing home-made wines benefited from over 650 days of consultancy in wine-growing, in order to learn to produce quality wines and be able to sell at higher prices.” Arcadie Foșnea (Chairman of the Association)

The organizational structure of the Association includes the following bodies:

  • General Assembly

  • Administration Board – Andrei Pripa, Dan Prisacaru, Sergiu Galusca, Constantin Furculiță, Arcadie Foșnea

  • Censors Committee

  • The Chairman – Arcadie Fosnea

  • The Executive Director– Eugeniu Resetnicov

Arcadie Fosnea
The Chairman

Eugeniu Resetnicov
The Executive Director

Andrei Pripa
Administration Board

Dan Prisacaru
Administration Board

Constantin Furculita
Administration Board
Sergiu Galusca
Administration Board
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